The headquarters of the Red Army at Stalingrad




Lilya Litvyak
The Stalingrad Commanders
War diary of the battle
Charnosov's letter
Operation Uranus
Red Army engineers at Stalingrad
Operation Uranus (very detailed) by Wolf Höpper.
The Volga crossings during the battle
Operation Little Saturn
The Stalingrad defense line July/August 1942
O.o.b of Operation Uranus
The Russian ultimatum of 8 January 1943 to the 6th Army
Pavlov's House  (including map of the house)
The ultimatum of 8 January 1943 to the 6th Army (Russian)
The Penal Battalions
Yeremenko's order Nr. 4 - Not one step back!
Red Army Weapons
American Aid
The Stalingrad Scroll
The Stalingrad Sword
The Stalingrad Winter
The 62nd Army of the Red Army

Order #227 by the People’s Commissar of Defence of the USSR

  Heroes of the Soviet Union at Stalingrad
The Tatsinskaya Raid