Map of Pavlov's House and the defenders of the house


Map and list of the defenders of Pavlov's House who participated in it's defense from 26 September 1942 till 25 November 1942. 


Thanks to Karen Van de Cruys and Sergei Petrunin.    

For the pictures I would like to thank the makers of the website of the Panorama Museum in Volgograd.


Abbreviations: CO = commanding officer,

SMG = Submachine gunner,

MG = machine gunner,

ATR = anti-tank rifleman.

Names with a (?) have an unknown role.



Y.F. Pavlov(CO until arrvial of lt. Afanasyev)


A.P. Aleksandrov(SMG)


V.S. Glushenko(SMG)

N.Y. Chernogolov(SMG)

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Note: these first 4 men were the first to reconnoiter and secure the building. The building on 9 January Square was originally known as House of Soviets No.4 and even "House of Specialists" according to one source. The 4 story apartment building became "Pavlov's House" in the name of the man who led the first group of soldiers that captured the house.

I.F. Afanasyev(MG-CO)

M. Bondarenko(?)

I.V. Voronov(MG)

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T.I. Gridin(Mortar)


V.M. Kiselev(?)

V.K. Sarayev(?)

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I.T. Svirin(MG)

A.A. Sabgaida(ATR-CO)

A.N. Chernyshenko(Mortar-CO)


P.I. Dovzhenko(MG)

A.I. Ivashenko(MG)

A.E. Shapovalov(?)

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G.I. Yakimenko(?)

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N.G. Masijashvili(SMG)

T. Murzaev(ATR)

A. Turdyev(ATR)

K. Turgunov(MG/ATR?)

F.Z. Ramazanov(ATR)

I.Y. Hait (?)

V.D. Avagimov(?)

A. Anikin(?)

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P. Demchenko(MG)

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Mariya Ulyanova

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Note: the most famous sniper of the 13 Guards rifle division was A.I. Chehov. He was a frequent visitor of the house and did his sniping from the roof.