Great Stalingrad map available !


Colored map of the positions on 10 January 1943 of the encircled German XI. Army Corps that was trapped

in the Stalingrad "pocket". The original map was made the same day.


The German XI. Army Corps was one of the 5 at Stalingrad trapped German Army

Corps which belonged to the German A.O.K. 6 (6.Army), under command of Fieldmarschall Friedrich Paulus. 


The 6. Army was trapped in the Stalingrad encirclement from 22 November 1942 till the final surrender

2 February 1943. The last Army Korps that surrendered to the Russians was the XI. Army Corps.

With the surrender of the XI. Army Corps on 2 February 1943 in the Northern Stalingrad "pocket"

the battle for Stalingrad came to an end. During the battle for Stalingrad the XI. Army Corps was

commanded by General der Infanterie Karl Strecker.   


Detailed map of the German divisions, regiments and battalions which belonged to the  

encircled XI. Army Corps on 10 January 1943 in the Stalingrad "pocket".


The original map is part of my private Stalingrad archive and was flown out

of the Stalingrad encirclement on 20 January 1943.

The original map is scanned and digital printed on quality paper.

The quality of the printed map is great ! Very interesting research tool.


The writings "Geert Rottiers" - "",  "Volga" and "Stalingrad" are not on the map.


Available as PDF-file.

Price : 20 USD.


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Part of the map