The Army chaplains of the German 6th Army

(during the battle for Stalingrad)

(Army chaplain was a Generalmajor equivalent rank)



Catholic Wehrmacht chaplain

(Wehrmachtdekan - Katholisch)

Armeepfarrer Professor Georg Brombierstaudl




Protestant Wehrmacht chaplain

(Wehrmachtoberpfarrer - Evangelisch)

Armeepfarrer Otto Geuther




Armeepfarrer Professor Georg Brombierstaudl

Born : 8 april 1886 in Nandlstadt, Germany

Died : 4 October 1960 in Regenburg, Germany


Armeepfarrer Otto Geuther

Born : 24 july 1895 in Weingarten, Germany

Died : 27 April 1981 in Raunen, Germany




Ordained in Regensburg on 29 June 1911

30 June 1911 - 31 January 1912 - Chaplain in Kösching

1 February 1912 - 14 August 1914 - Chaplain in Roding

15 August 1914 - till 22 August 1922 he served as a garrison

chaplain in Regensburg. In the meanwhile, early 1915,

he became a choir leader in Regensburg.

1 October 1922 - 30 September 1935

he was teaching theology in Regensburg.

It was during this period he became a professor.

On 1 October 1935 he was transferred to the Wehrmacht to become

a military parson garrisoned in Regensburg. On 1 November 1936

he was assigned to Wehrkreis XIII as a Wehrkreispfarrer in Nürnberg.

Assigned to AOK 6 on 26 August 1939.

He was promoted Wehrmachtdekan on 1 October 1940.

Not with the encircled German forces at Stalingrad

Assigned to Armeeabteilung Hollidt on 18 January 1943.

(see document)



Ordained in Saarbrücken on 4 November 1923

5 Nov. 1923 - 14 Nov. 1923 - Preacher in Malstatt

15 Nov. 1923 - 30 August 1931 - Preacher in Fechingen

31 August 1931 - 31 July 1938 - Chaplain in Neudorf

Served for the Wehrmacht in I.R. 70 between

2 July 1936 and 23 July 1936 and another 8 weeks in 1937.

1 August 1938 - 31 January 1939

Kommissarischer Werhmachtpfarrer in Saarbrücken.

1 February 1939 - 27 July 1942

 Wehrmachtoberpfarrer in Saarbrücken

Assigned to AOK 6 on 28 July 1942 as


Not with the encircled German forces at Stalingrad

Assigned to Armeeabteilung Hollidt on 18 January 1943.

(see document)



Document of the assignement to Armeeabteilung Hollidt of both Armeepfarrers on 18 January 1943.

(I found this document partly damaged by fire, in a German archive)







Armeepfarrer Otto Geuther

Served as a volunteer during world war 1 on the Western front. He joined the army on 3 August 1914 and was awarded with E.K II and E.K. I. He was wounded two times but returned twice to the trenches again. During the last days of the first world war he was captured by the English and he was released by them on 27 December 1919.


 Both 6. Army chaplains where never in the city of Stalingrad. They where not with the German encircled forces at Stalingrad either.

By the time of the Russian counter attack to encircle the German 6th Army both army chaplains, Abteilung IVd, where at the

headquarters of AOK 6 in Golubinskaja. Just before the Russians arrived in Golubinskaja both army chaplains were rescued.


During the Stalingrad encirclement, untill the first days of January 1943, both 6. Army chaplains were able to get in contact with the other chaplains who were in the Stalingrad "pocket".


Respecting the wish of Otto Geuther's and Georg Brombierstaudl's family I do not publish their post Stalingrad and post world war two career.


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