! Order of battle of 2 February 1943 !  

The final surrender part III


(Northern pocket at 11.00 am)


During the night of 1–2 February, Karl Strecker sent out one of the last

 telegrams from Stalingrad :


"XI. Armeekorps and assigned divisions have fought to the end. 

Long live Germany.”



Army Corps commander and his Corps assigned to the German 6th  Army


Northern pocket

XI. Armeekorps  

General der Infanterie  

Karl Strecker


Division commanders or acting division commanders and their divisions assigned to XI Army Corps of the 6th Army 


XI. Armeekorps  



16. Panzer Division


Günther Angern  

  60. Infanterie  Division (mot)

Oberst i.G.

Hans-Adolf von Arenstorff-Oyle  

24. Panzer Division


    Arno von Lenski    



 113. Infanterie Division Generalleutnant  

Hans-Heinrich Sixt von Armin  

305. Infanterie Division  


Albrecht Czimatis

389. Infanterie Division  


Erich Magnus 




  Martin Lattmann  

9.Flak Division (mot)

Oberstleutnant i.G.

Richard Haizmann

Acting commanders.


Surrendered to the Russians including Army Corps and Divisions 

Missing in action (probably suicide)


Remark : 

Oberst i.G Hans-Adolf von Arenstorff-Oyle was promoted Generalmajor while in captivity on 1 October 1943.

Remnants of the 9th Flak Division went in captivity on 31 January and 2 February. The commander of the division

Oberstleutnant i.G. Richard Haizmann himself went on 2 February 1943 in captivity.