! Order of battle of 1 December 1942 !

Generalstabarzt Dr. Otto Renoldi. 6th Army Doctor and part of the staff of AOK 6.

 He flew in the Stalingrad pocket on 1 December 1942. Surrendered to the 

 Russians on 24 January 1943. Released as prisoner of war in October 1955.






Chief of Staff


Arthur Schmidt

 Staff of the German 6th Army

 Commander of the German 6th Army


Friedrich Paulus





6th Army Doctor


Dr. Otto Renoldi


Army Corps commanders and their Corps assigned to the German 6th  Army


XI. Armeekorps  

General der Infanterie  

Karl Strecker

VIII. Armeekorps

 General der Artillerie  

Walter Heitz


XIV. Panzerkorps

 General der Panzertruppen  

Hans Hube  

LI. Armeekorps  

General der Artillerie  

Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach

IV. Armeekorps  

General der Pioniere

Erwin Jaenecke


Division commanders or acting division commanders and their divisions assigned to the Army Corps of the 6th Army 


XI. Armeekorps  


16. Panzer Division


Günther Angern  


  60. Infanterie  Division (mot) Oberst i.G.

Hans-Adolf von Arenstorff-Oyle  


24. Panzer Division


    Arno von Lenski    



  94. Infanterie Division Generalleutnant

Georg Pfeiffer



VIII. Armeekorps  


113. Infanterie Division Generalleutnant

Hans-Heinrich Sixt von Armin


76. Infanterie Division Generalleutnant

Carl Rodenburg    

44. Infanterie Division


Heinrich Deboi   


9.Flak Division (mot) Generalmajor

Wolfgang Pickert  

14. Panzer Division


  Martin Lattmann


384. Infanterie Division Generalleutnant    

Freiherr Eccard von Gablenz


XIV. Panzerkorps  


3. Infanterie Division (mot) Generalleutnant

Helmuth Schlömer



1. Romanian Cavalry Div.


Constantin Bratescu  


376. Infanterie Division Generalleutnant

Edler von Daniels



LI. Armeekorps  


71. Infanterie Division Generalleutnant

Alexander von Hartmann


79. Infanterie Division Generalleutnant

Richard von Schwerin


295. Infanterie Division  


Otto Korfes


305. Infanterie Division  


Bernard Steinmetz


389. Infanterie Division Generalmajor

Erich Magnus  


100. Jäger Division   Generalleutnant

Werner Sanne


Attached to 100. Jäger Division

Croation Regiment 369  


Viktor Pavicic

IV. Armeekorps


371. Infanterie Division


Richard Stempel


297. Infanterie Division


Max Pfeffer  


29. Infanterie Division (mot)


Ernst Leyser


20. Romanian Infantry Div.


Nicolae Tataranu




Acting commanders.

Encircled divisons not assigned to an Army Corps.

Flew in the pocket.