The Division commanders

20. Roumanian Infanterie Division



Generalleutnant Nicolae Tatranu
from 4 July 1942 till 14 January 1943 when
he flew out of the enciclement.
Generalmajor Romulus Dimitrescu
from 14 January 1943 till 2 February 1943 when he surendered to the Red Amy.


20. Roumanian Infanterie Division with Infanterie Regiments 82, 83, and 91, Artillery Regiments 31, and 40. The other reporting units took the divisional number of "20.": The 20th Transmissions, Pioneer, Police, Reconnaissance, Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Tank, Sanitary, and Ambulance Companies etc.
Beginning on November 22, 1942 the Divisional HQ were in the Basargino railway station (with the 82nd Infantry Regiment reporting to the German 297th Infantry Division and the 83rd and 91st Infanterie Regiments to the German 71st and 297th Infanterie Divisions in the North of Zibenko).


On November 23rd all the regiments were withdrawn and replaced by German Units. On November 26th the Division's Units were divided into small units which were integrated into the German Divisions of the 4th Army Corps and directly under the command of German officers. Just before January 13, 1943 the Divisional HQ moved close to PITOMNIK.