The Division commanders

1. Roumanian Kavallerie Division



Generalmajor Constantin Bratescu
from 17 July 1942 untill his
surrender on 2 February 1943.


1st Cavalry Division with Roshiors Regiments 1, 2, 12, and the 1st Mounted Artillery Regiment. All the other sub-units similar to the 20th Infantry Division were given the number “41." (i.e. the 41st Pioneer and Anti-Aircraft Squadrons, etc.).


The Division had about 4500 men in it at the time of the siege. On November 22, 1942 the division reported to the German 8th Army Corp. On November 24th it is located at Dimitrievka in the German 376th Infantry Division sector. Between December 2 and 10, 1942 the division is divided up and new sub-units raised. (11 combat sub-units and 18 working detachments and transportation columns) and integrated into 15 German divisions (from General Hube’s Group and the 51st Army Corp.). The Mounted Artillery Regiment was also disbanded with the horses given to the 376th Infantry Division and the guns destroyed. The Divisional HQ and rest of the troops (including the wounded and sick) remained at Gonceara.