June 1942



28 June 1942 : the start of the German Summer Campaign.(Operation Blue)

Start of  Operation Blue (map 4). 
Von Weichs 2nd Army and the Hungarian second Army with 4th Panzer Army are moving in the
direction of Voronezh. 24th Panzer Division crosses the Tim river and Ksjen river and is running
straight to Voronezh. The Soviet Command beliefs that Moscow is still the objective.

At the village of Jefrossinowka, on their way to Voronezh, units of the 24th Panzer Division are
ready to attack the 40th Russian Army. The staff of the 40th Russian Army has left, leaving the
Army behind.

The start of Operation Blue  for 6th Army and  XXXXth Panzer Corps. They also move in the
direction of Voronezh and are attacking the Soviet front. 24th Panzer Division is half way to
Voronezh. A big counterattack, led by General Fedorenko (head of the Panzer Units)against
Hoth's 4th Panzer Army, is a complete failure.