The 62nd Army.

Order of Battle

August 1942


Commander of 62nd Army.

Lieutenant General Vasili Ivanovich Chuikov.


Chief of Staff

General Major Nikolai Ivanovich Krylov

Left to right :

Major General Nikolai Krylov
Lieutenant General Vasiliy Ivanovich Chuikov
Political Commissar Kuz'ma Gurov
Major General Alexander Rodimtsev


Rifle Divisions :
13th Guards : General Aleksander Ilyich Rodimtsev.
  37th Guards : General Viktor Grigorivich Zholudev.
35th Guards Division : General Vasili A. Glazkov 
(Killed on Sept 8th, 1942) (later Colonel V.P. Dubyanski)
  39th Guards : General Major Stepan Savelivich Guriev.
  45th : Lieutenant-Colonel Vasili Pavlovich Sokolov
  95th : Vasili Akimovich Gorishny.
112th : Lieutenant-Colonel Vasili Pavlovich Sokolov
138th : Ivan Ivanovich Gorishny Lyudnikov.
193th : General Fedor Nikandrovich Smekhotvorov.
196th :Brigade Commissar Averin
(later Colonel S.P. Ivanov)
244th : Colonel G.A. Afanasiev
284th : Colonel Nikolai F. Batuyk
308th : Colonel Leonti Nikolayevich Gurtiev
  10th NKVD Rifle Division : Colonel A.A. Sarayev
Marine Infantry Brigade :
  92nd : Colonel Tarasov (Abandoned Brigade 
during heavy fighting in Stalingrad.
Court-martialled and probably executed)
(later Major I.I. Samodai)

Special Brigades :
42nd : Colonel M.S. Batrakov (wounded Sept. 23th 1942)
115th : Colonel K.M. Andryusenko
124th : Colonel Seymon F. Gorokov
149th : Lieutenant-Colonel V.A. Bolvinov (killed Nov. 2nd 1942)
(later Major I.D. Durnev
160th : ?

Motorised Rifle Brigades : 
38th Motorised Rifle Brigade : Colonel Ivan D. Burmakov
Tank Brigades :
  84th : Colonel D.N. Bely
137th : ?
189th : Lieutenant-Colonel K.S. Udovichenko